New Ala. Law Aims to Keep Vaping Devices Away from Teens

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June 10, 2019
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By Lydia Nusbaum 

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA)- Alabama has a new law that aims to keep alternative nicotine products out of the hands of teens.

These products come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and are known as vaping devices and e-cigarettes.

Alabama’s new law is set to go into effect Aug. 1 and it makes it illegal for stores to sell vaping devices to people under the age of 19.

The Alabama Department of Public Health said there already is a federal law making it illegal for stores from selling tobacco products to minors. They said this state law will help with enforcement.

The law says new stores selling these items also will not be allowed within 1,000 feet of schools, day cares and churches.

“One of the main things that puts a child at risk for using it is easy access. So anything that you can do to make it more difficult to access it, we’re going to see use go down,” said Virginia Guy with the Drug Education Council.

Rep. Barbara Drummond, D-Mobile, was one of the bill sponsors. Drummond said one of her students at a Sunday school class brought in a vaping device that looked like a zip drive.

“I teach 12-year-olds and this 12-year-old told me, ‘This is not a zip drive it’s a vaping product,’” she said. “I knew it was a problem that transcends not only social, economic status, but also races. All of our children are prone to these products.”

WSFA reached out to several vape shops in Montgomery. Several of them said they already do not sell to people under the age of 19.

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