COSA-NCADD is a private 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1973 to promote the understanding that alcoholism and other drug dependence are preventable and treatable diseases. COSA-NCADD is the state affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency NCADD) and a member of the Community Anti-Drug Coalition of America (CADCA). The mission of COSA-NCADD is to “Reduce the incidence and prevalence of the disease of alcoholism,  other drug addiction diseases and related problems.”

Prevention Services

COSA’s prevention programs serve the purpose of providing awareness and education within communities about the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse. Click the button below to find out more about our programs, and how each works to create a sober community:

Recovery Services

COSA’s recovery services serve the community with the goal of saving lives, while eliminating barriers to healthy choices and providing support to those battling substance abuse disorders (SUDs). Click below to learn more about how COSA’s peer-to-peer services with recovery:

Mental Health

Click below to learn more about the various aspects of mental health, along with common signs and symptoms associated with different types of mental health afflictions:


Click below to learn more about other resources available outside of COSA that assist in the struggle against addiction, as well as alcohol and substance abuse:


COSA provides education and training opportunities on behavioral health topics to professionals and community agencies who provide services to populations at-risk for substance use disorders and related issues. Click below to learn more:

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we wanted to provide information that will caution others against driving impaired on the highways.

As part of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, here’s some background about the month itself, and resources that will help prevent impaired driving. Click the image or the button below:

As of 2020, over 37 million people worldwide are living with HIV. With this devastating pandemic affecting many, this year’s theme for World AIDS Day is “End Inequalities, End AIDS.” Because of the rapid growth in structural inequalities regarding essential HIV services, this December 1st (World AIDS Day) will focus on the initiation of taking bold actions, if the commitment is to end AIDS by 2030.

For more information about World AIDS Day and how you can help contribute, click the button below: 

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Upcoming Events

COSA Holiday Pop-Up Shops

Join us over the course of three days as we hold different activities to unite the community over the holiday season! Best of all, it’s absolutely free! From ornament decorations to candle making, COSA plans to make this Christmas a festive one!

Recurring Events 

Recovery Meetings 

Every Monday and Thursday, COSA hosts Recovery Meetings at our community center to assist anyone who is in need! Make sure you stop by, and bring anyone along that is willing to take the journey of the road to recovery!

Women’s Recovery Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, COSA hosts recovery meetings for women looking to begin the road to recovery. Through our interactive activities, assistance with housing/employment referrals, life skills development (and much more), we at COSA are here to help! The door is always open!

Veterans Only Recovery Meeting 

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday, COSA will provide peer-to-peer meetings for veterans while providing wraparound services to assist program participants. Some services include: social support, community referrals, employment assistance, and much more!