Hip Hop Artist Speaks at Education Event

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On Monday, September 29th, the Montgomery Unified Prevention System (MUPS) Coalition will host an event starring New Orleans native and Hip Hop artist, Dee-1, at Bellingrath Junior High from 5:30-7:30 pm. Titled “Education Matters,” this event is FREE and targeted to African-American male youth who are failing academically or have dropped out of school.  

According to a study from the Brooking’s Institution’s Hamilton Project, African-American men who do not graduate from high school are at an extremely high risk of going to prison. The report states there is a 70% chance that a black male without a high school diploma will end up in jail by his mid-30s.  A former teacher, Dee-1 has created his own lane in Hip-Hop by making music that motivates anyone on a mission to win the game of life. He is the voice of those underdogs who grind with a purpose.

Following Dee-1’s “edutainment,” representatives from a number of community organizations will be on hand to answer questions about enrolling in various education programs around the city.

The mission of MUPS is to work collaboratively as a community to integrate and leverage resources and services to insure long-term reductions in substance abuse-related problems and to improve the quality of life for all citizens in Montgomery County through the implementation of comprehensive, research-based prevention programs.

For more information or to schedule media time with Dee-1, please contact Shereda Finch, Executive Director, at 334-262-1629.

Educations Matters Event

Educations Matters Event

or sfinch@cosancadd.org.


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