Illicit Drugs and Substances

Every day, there are drugs and illicit substances within our communities that can have devastating effects on not only the people who abuse them, but the families of individuals who are attempting to help them overcome their addictions.

Here below are some of the common drugs/substances to know about, along with the potential long-term effects of each if they are abused:


Learn more about the effects of binge and underage drinking, along with the consequences that it can have on youth and parents:


Learn more about the long-term effects of marijuana, as well as how it can impact other areas of your health:


Learn more about the misconceptions of e-cigarettes, along with how consistent use can have long-term devastating effects on the human body:


Find out more about what methamphetamines are, and how you recognize the signs of potential abuse:

Synthetic Cannibinoids

Find out more about what cannibinoids are, and the ailments that it can cause due to misuse: