With a clear working definition of recovery, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), along with people in recovery, developed ten guiding principles of recovery. These principles were designed to help advance recovery opportunities and clarify concepts. This training will provide peer and certified recovery support specialist with an in-depth look at each guiding principle, SAMHSA’s four dimensions that support life in recovery, as well as, how to apply the guiding principles while serving in their role.

Module 1 Unit 1
Unit 1 Using Recovery Oriented Principles in Your Role
Unit 2 An Overview…
Unit 3 Guiding Principles of Recovery
Unit 4 The Application of Hope
Unit 5 Recovery Is Person-Driven
Unit 6 Recovery Has Many Pathways
Unit 7 Recovery is Holistic
Unit 8 Peer Support
Unit 9 Recovery Is Relational
Unit 10 Recovery is Cultural
Unit 11 The Application of Cultural Competence
Module 2 Unit 2
Unit 1 Addresses Trauma
Unit 3 Respect
Unit 4 How Would You Apply the Principles?
Unit 5 SAMHSA’S Four Dimensions for a Life in Recovery
Unit 6 References
Module 3 Final Course Exam
Unit 1 Final Course Exam