Professional Ethics Training

Kwatasian P. Hunt, MS, ICPS
Behavioral Health Prevention, Dir.
Council on Substance Abuse-NCADD

Module 1 Overview, Ethics, Roles, and Specialist Types
Unit 1 Professional Ethics Training for Peer and Certified Recovery Support Specialist
Unit 2 Video of a Peer Support Specialist
Unit 3 Ethics...An Overview
Unit 4 Ethics
Unit 5 Ethical Obligation
Unit 6 Words & Terms
Unit 7 Know Your Role
Unit 8 Know Your Role Continued...
Unit 9 Peer Support Specialist
Unit 10 Certified Recovery Support Specialist
Module 2 Boundaries, Recovery, Values, Eithical Dilemmas/Violations
Unit 1 Boundaries
Unit 2 Healthy Boundaries
Unit 3 Recovery
Unit 4 Core Recovery Values
Unit 5 Ethical Dilemmas/Violations
Unit 6 Ethical Dilemmas/Violations
Unit 7 Ethical Dilemmas/Violations
Module 3 Scenarios, Risk, Decision Making
Unit 1 Scenario 1
Unit 2 What are the Potential Outcomes?
Unit 3 Scenario 2
Unit 4 What are the Potential Outcomes?
Unit 5 Scenario 3
Unit 6 What are the Potential Outcomes?
Unit 7 Ethical Decision Making
Unit 8 An Ethical Decision-Making Model
Module 4 References and Contact
Unit 1 Course References
Unit 2 Course Contact
Module 5 Final Exam
Unit 1 Final Exam