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January 11, 2017
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January 24, 2017

Dallas County, AL– To kick off the New Year, The Council on Substance Abuse- NCADD (COSA-NCADD) is launching No Grey Area, a social norms campaign targeted to youth ages 12-17. The goal of the campaign is to change misperceptions regarding audience and behavior; and to potentially change underage drinking usage by communicating accurate group norms.

Back in February, surveys were conducted with 9th-12th graders in the Dallas County Schools. Results from the surveys show that some students felt that it was neither bad or good for their peers to consume alcohol. This group of students are said to be in a “grey area”.

According to the Alabama Department of Mental Health (ADMH), 26.1% of 9th graders and 29.5% of 10th graders in Dallas County currently drink alcohol. The rates increase with grade level as 33.8% of 11th graders and 53.5% 12th graders drink alcohol.

“My hope and expectation is to clear up grey areas” said Behavioral Health Prevention Specialist Karen Wright. “All teens will know that underage drinking is dangerous and illegal.”

As part of the campaign, COSA-NCADD will be conducting presentations on underage drinking at area churches and schools. The organization has also partnered with WCOV to launch a Social Media Campaign on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; using the hashtag #NoGreyAreas.

For more information about No Grey Area contact Karen Wright at 334-262-1629 or

The mission of COSA-NCADD is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of the disease of alcoholism, other drug addiction diseases, and related problems.

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