Report shows trends in attitudes towards substance use
November 11, 2015
Great American Smokeout Day on November 19th
November 19, 2015

COSA-NCADD recently released its Summary Report of Prevention and Recovery Services for FY15. In addition to an overview of programs and services provided last fiscal year, the Report also presents some of the data collected and analyzed during a four-year period (2010-2014) while the CREST Project was implemented.

Data showed that the majority of individuals with substance use disorders who received wrap- around services (i.e. employment and housing assistance) combined with recovery support services, experienced better life outcomes between in-take and a six month period.

The Report also includes interviews of consumers. Shereda Finch, executive director, wanted to create something that could provide a snap shot of what the organization did last fiscal year.

Shereda stated, “Read our Report! You will be able to see how much we accomplished in a short amount of time. Through just one of our new programs, the Education & Training Institute, over 250 professionals took advantage of education and training courses offered.” Click here to review report.

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