COSA-NCADD Looks to Use Media to Increase Awareness about Programs and Services

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April 10, 2015
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April 14, 2015

COSA-NCADD is hoping to increase awareness about its programs and services in the community when a number of public service announcements are aired on WAKA CBS8 and WNCF ABC32 in the upcoming months. One airing will show a number of individuals who are involved with the agency including consumers, staff and volunteers. Executive director, Shereda Finch, states “In one of our commercials, the goal was to show how everyone in the community is affected and connected when we talk about the disease of addiction. I believe that by having everyone make the statement “I’m COSA in the commercial accomplishes our goal.”

Another commercial will highlight one of COSA-NCADD’s newest programs. Teen Direct is an information and referral service to connect youth to resources and information available to them in the greater Montgomery area.  What’s unique about Teen Direct is that youth can call or use social media pages on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to get information on programs and services available to them or ask a trained staff or volunteer specific questions relating to alcohol and drugs.

Starting January 19th, youth will be able to access information and resources by calling 1-844-262-TALK, Twitter @ TEENDIRECTMGM, Instagram @ TEENDIRECTMGM, YouTube @ TEENDIRECTMGM and Facebook @Teendirectmgm. The helpline is going to be live Monday-Friday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.




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